Stay Busy and Create

Image 9This is not going to be one of those posts, the “I’ve been absent a long time and feel bad about it” posts. It is what it is. I’ve been writing like mad, just not here. I committed to getting out the stuff that’s been swimming in my head for too long. So, every morning I’m up about 4:30. And, after some wake-up time, I write. Yesterday I got 2 solid hours in before I left for a job. It felt good. Anne Lamott says there is no magic, you have to sit your butt in the chair and write.

I have a notebook next to my computer – yes, paper. I have three columns; writing, business, art. Every week I have a time goal for each of the columns. Every day I do something to reach that goal. Then, I write it down. It helps me try to stay on track with the things that are important to me. I’m not perfect at it, but it seems to be a good tool.

I got the idea for the notebook from Lisa Call. She’s awesome. She’s a software engineer by day, a textile artist at night. She shares a lot of her organizational techniques, which is incredibly helpful to me. The way her brain works is different than the way mine does, so she makes things easy that aren’t as obvious to me. Creating systems and organization being her strong suit, IMHO.

Where is food you ask? It fits into all three columns at any given time. But, now that I’ve typed that, I’m thinking I’ll add a fourth and fifth (exercise) column next week. Hmmmm, I’ll think on that. I like it……

ImageI’ve also started a new blog, which has captured my time for awhile. I’m just building it up and getting some writing done, so I’m not sharing it openly just yet. It’s directed at a whole different audience; women starting over in midlife. The picture at left is a hint at the title, though not necessarily the subject matter.

I took a leap and let a few of my biggest clients go. I love my clients. I really do. I love them, I appreciate them, I become friends with them. So, letting anyone go was a first for me and tore me up. It cast a shadow over a few weeks. If there was ever evidence that I’m not a cutthroat business person, there you have it. I’m a softy. I want to please people, not hurt them. But, what these customers wanted was taking me away from where I wanted to go.

I hung on because, of course, who walks away from business, right? Sometimes you have to, when it starts directing you, instead of the other way around. And, it was all going in the wrong direction, not what I wanted. I began to dread it. So, I ended the business relationship. It hurt. But, it made room for the things I wanted to flow in. That’s important. That’s how things work. The good stuff can’t flow in, if you are hanging onto the bad stuff, or the stuff that isn’t working out. You have to let go. It frees you up. Good things flow in. It doesn’t work to hang on to what you don’t want until what you do comes to you. There is no room for it. You have to make the room by letting go of what doesn’t work. That was a hard lesson for me. I tend to hang onto things longer than I should. I like my comfort zone. But, it’s something I’m determined to get better at, letting go of the wrong thing.

ImageThis blog/site itself. I want to change it. I have a vision that isn’t quite jelled for changes I want to make. It’s the “not quite jelled” that has kept me away from it. It’s time to plan, make the changes, and move forward. I’m ready. I’m thinking something more elegant, more variety, cleaner design, etc……Of course, it will be food, among other things. The photo at left. So beautiful! It’s a chili paste I made with a variety of dried chilis. I used it as part of a fajita assemblage. I’m on the fence about it. Interesting flavor.

Video. I’ve been having a wonderful time making videos. I’m creating a series that is near and dear to my heart. It’s been a long time in coming, but my video capabilities have made it possible, finally. This iMac of mine came with a video creating/editing program. I was so excited when I discovered it. It’s amazing! It opened up a whole new world for me. It was the missing piece for some things I want to do and a wonderful discovery. I started making videos during the last cold snap a few months ago in my studio. But, it was so uncomfortable, and I had to be bundled up, then my computer had a problem and the video board had to be replaced. It’s almost new?! I’m convinced it was the cold, even though SirG doesn’t believe it was….In any case, it’s fixed. I’ve moved my computer to a nice, warm office in the heated part of the house, so I’m back in business.

The picture at the top? That’s my son with his “GoPro” video camera on his helmet. He’s also been having great fun creating videos. I’m using it myself for some future projects. Creating is good. Creating while skiing, well, is there any greater joy? So many things are a tie in my head regarding what brings me joy. That’s one of them; skiing with my son while he pushes himself to try new things. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Today, it’s minus 8 outside. Right now. It’s like a winter wonderland out there. I wanted to stay in the warm bed for a few extra minutes and talk to God. God often talks to me in pictures. And, I wanted another one. I’ve been asking for guidance, wanting to see a picture, so I could move toward it. And, I saw myself with a series of canvases, then in the kitchen welcoming a group for a class, then writing at my desk…..(God manages to say so much to me with a few snapshots…usually in quick succession) And the words,“Stay busy and create” popped in my head. Okay!

So, here I am, 874 words later. Enjoy your day!

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