“Win The Battle” Fundraiser Event

Image 4Here are a few photos of the event I just catered this past weekend. I’m notoriously bad at taking photos of an event, I’m way to busy to stop and snap. I should have someone come with me to take a few pictures so everything doesn’t just become a blur. In any case, this is what I have…..

This was an Oktoberfest themed event, which helped me zero in on some initial ideas for the food, but in the end, people want what tastes good. All the sausages I brought didn’t go over nearly as well as, say, the olive oil dipping sauce I made, which was all mediterranean; garlic, kalamata olives, capers, oregano…..This was a last minute addition to the menu on the day of, when I Imagewas in my groove and feeling creative. But was so popular I’ve decided to make a batch for every event I cater. It’s become one of my “signature” touches along with fresh flowers, gratis, for every customer, every day…….

I cooked every day for a week leading up to this event. It is the only way to go. I get the plan in my head and keep thinking of “What’s next?” and how I’ll put it together at the event, how to prepare and store parts of a recipe so that it’s easily transported and assembled, if need be, on-site.

Calculating quantity of food is more of a crapshoot, Image 1even though there are rules of thumb and industry standards you can turn to; ounces of meat per person, pieces of appetizer, etc…In the end, they’ll eat more of what tastes good and less of what doesn’t and you don’t always know what the crowd with gravitate to. So, you come prepared for anything, which means, in my case, an abundance of everything.

Image 3The organizers were very pleased with the food, which pleases me. I do take it personally, how can I not? After every event I think about the flaws, what I could have done differently. And, it bothers me a lot to think that way, but I try to use  it as a way to do things better next time. Even if everyone is extremely happy, I do see what could be better. I’ve accepted that this is how I’ll always think and it’s probably a good thing. I do want to do a great job for those who trust me with their events. The next person benefits from my introspection, so I’m okay with it. I should have browned the sausages, okay? It would have been so much better…..Okay, got that off my chest.

Now, I begin to plan a holiday party for 60. Fun!

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