Things take the time they take

Image 3This is how my grapevine looks today. Every morning SirG and I go out to check on the garden’s progress. I was excited to see that the grapes are now purple, not green. I’m dying to see the mammoth sunflowers bloom. It should be any day now. My Morning Glories are so beautiful, velvety rich color with what looks like alight shining from within. I plant them around the base of my sunflowers so they climb up the big stalks, like “Jack and the Beanstalk”. I do it every year I can. It’s fun. Parts of the garden are “done”, have been harvested. Parts are almost there. Everything is in it’s own stage of growth.

I went to a wonderful conference in Atlanta a few months ago. It was very much worth the time and Image 4money to go. I came away with a whole binder of useful information that’s sitting right here. Ahem, I haven’t dug back into it much yet because things are nice and busy and, well, it’s summer. When I have a relaxing day, sometimes I like to crack a book and lay in the sun, or ride a bike, or run, or paint. Coming up with new marketing strategies isn’t always on top of my list.

I met a woman at the conference who specializes in helping businesses get focused. We had a great little chat during a break and I had some “aha” moments, which I love. She called a few weeks later and offered her services to me for free, in exchange for endorsement. I liked what we had already talked about, so I said sure. She said she, “Couldn’t wait to get her hands on..” my business.

I want to be clear here, it was a generous offer and I like her. But, I decided to stop working with her after our initial meeting. She gave me assignments and told me what I should do next and when I shared some of what I wanted to do, it didn’t seem to click with her.  Her vision of my vision wasn’t the same as mine. And, I didn’t have time for the assignments, I was busy. I had landed some awesomely fun work and I had to pay attention to it. The pressure I felt doing assignments to grow my business took away from my enjoyment of doing the work itself.

The experience taught me something. Things take the time they take. I can’t rush my sunflowers and corn. And, I don’t want to. I love the process. I love seeing the change everyday. I love doing something, and seeing how it affects the plant. It’s a fun process, not a contest. In life, I find that my best ideas come organically. My business has always grown in the direction it’s naturally taken, without me forcing it. It goes where it should.  I enjoy the process. I’m not in a race. The goal is in the doing, not finishing first. What I’m good at shines and  starts to grow. What I’m not, falls away.

I’m really not interested in treating my business like a race to the finish. It seems that’s the message everyone has out there, “Get big, do it fast, market market market…” Ugh. I was stressing about not having the time to finish the assignments she gave me to help my business grow, because I had good stuff already happening. I am loving what I’m doing. I’m enjoying the process.

At the conference I had signed up, than changed my mind, to participate in a year long business building program with a woman I’ve loved and admired for years. It started making me feel angsty just knowing what pressure I was putting myself under to produce, to pay for this program. I was seeing my boys’ ski passes going out the window and the money going in someone else’s pocket. I opted out.

I believe in growth. I believe in getting information, education, coaching and whatever else you want, to help you get where you want to go. But, I love letting things grow naturally, not forcing them to. And, I love the direction I am going. I love what I do. I love my life. It will go where it will go… it’s own time. Like my grapes, and pumpkin, and roses……

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