Working my magic at the Bar Mitzvah



I always stumble over explaining what I do. I cater. I cook. I help create events. I clean. I do a blend of it all. Sometimes I prepare all the food from scratch. Sometimes I do part of it. Sometimes I take what they have and arrange, platter, set up, make it sing….Sometimes I do everything from clean up before, prepare the food, service during, clean up after…..(yes, I have help :  )…..) I pretty much do whatever people need. I’m really good at pulling events together, making them flow, taking out the stress from the hosts…

Image 1

This past weekend I was hired to help pull together a Bar Mitzvah party. I’ve done several Bar Mitzvah parties in the last few years. I really enjoy them. I meet with the client before the event, we talk about what they have in mind, do some planning, etc…On the day of the event, my roll is pretty much to pull it all together while they are at the Temple. So, when they come to the party, it’s ready to go.

I arrive between 8:00 and 9:00, and play beat the clock until about 12:30 when I expect people to start rolling in. It’s my thing, what I’m good at. I call it working my magic.

Image 6This party was in Evergreen, Colorado in a barn in a meadow. I just loved the setting! I came prepared – and matching. That’s a picture of the red truck, my red apron and my red toes. The truck was a last minute thought, and it was the perfect vehicle for the day. It was completely loaded with supplies, inside and out. It handled the meadows and steep drives. The tailgate became my prep station. Perfect.

A few things stand out from that day….The squeaking I kept hearing, thinking it was mice, was actually a bunch of Image 2bats who live in the rafters. Creepy, but okay. They left me alone. Opening the packs of smoked salmon made me worry about attracting bears, since wildlife is everywhere out there. So, I put all the packaging in a plastic bag and walked it waaaaay away from the barn, just in case. I was very much alone for several hours out there. I love that sort of thing, working in solitude. But worrying about bears, not so much….. Once I got busy, I forgot about it.

My favorite part of the day was, by far, when someone came up to me and said,

Image 8“You nailed it.”

Yes, I did….it’s my magic. :  )Image 5Image 4Image 9

Image 7

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