Creating A Beautiful Life From Scratch

Today is November 7, an anniversary of sorts for me. Three years ago today I experienced a life changing moment, that produced a sea change in everything. It sounds so dramatic. It was. It was the worst time in my life, that was also a gift from the heavens. “Here, now do something with this.” It was one of those times where you end up obliterating yourself, or using it as a catalyst. What’s the choice really. I’m in!
So, on this day, I tend to get introspective. It’s an important day to me. But, I don’t want to focus on what fell apart, I want to focus on the beauty that came after. We hear so much about everything being about perspective or attitude, and it really is. There really is beauty and opportunity all around. It’s all what you focus on. You have a choice in how you view the world. And you can choose to create the life you want.

When I was walking the razor’s edge (that was fun, let me tell you…..), I suddenly saw that I had a choice which side of the edge I wanted to step toward, and the step was really small. I realized in that moment how close we all can be to despair or joy. Obliteration, or life. For whatever reason, I chose to step into the light at a critical moment. And, I stayed there. It would have been very very easy to take a step in the other direction, because I really wanted to crawl in the closet, cover my head and shut the door too…..But, I didn’t. One decision one day and it changed everything… I make it sound so easy :  )

After that, it was all about creating a life I loved.  A great gift was bestowed on me. I had the gift of starting over, from scratch. Now, I totally get that a lot of people wouldn’t see that as a gift. And, it was hard, to be sure. But, man, it feels great. How much fun am I having!!!! I’m not a rare bird here. I’m not the only woman who has had to recreate a life. But, the real gift, to me, has been knowing I could create something better than ever, not a “settling” for the crumbs.

I’ve been in business for almost three years. What began as a way to take the bull by the horns and create an income for myself in a crappy economy, turned into one of my greatest joys. I’m creating something. I love that. I get to decide, baby. You do too.

I’m in a mutating phase right now. A friend of mine used that word the other day, and I suppose it fits. I’m looking for a prettier word, but drawing a blank. The focus of my business is shifting. Let’s just say that. In a nutshell. I do what I love. I share what I love. And I help others create what they love too. I cook, create and coach. There ya’ go. Everything revolves around that. Wait, I’m not liking the word, “coach”. I like, enCourage. I encourage. And, it is, very much about “courage” too. So, that’s the word……

Someone once said to me, “You surround yourself with beauty. You create beauty all around you.” What a great thing to say! I think he was onto something though. If you just look around, it’s everywhere. So much is a matter of focus. What are you looking for? What do you see? Where do you want to go. How do you want to live?

Back to my point….. is there one? Mutating, right…..I’m refocusing my business. I’m having an open house tentatively scheduled for December 8 to roll out the coming year. It will be a chance for people to meet me, see what I do, sample some treats, see the studio space, sign up for classes, and workshops, etc….It’s going to be fun. I’m excited about it. More information to come…..

But for now, I simply celebrate today, that I’m here. Right where I am. That I love my life. That I love where I live, how I live and what I do. I love that when I went for a run the other day and saw apple trees throughout my neighborhood, it brought memories of a life long past. I was reminded for the hundredth time, that when you think all is lost, many times it’s just the beginning of the best thing ever. Happy Anniversary to me.

*All images from The Thread Studio photo gallery.

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One Response to Creating A Beautiful Life From Scratch

  1. Molly says:

    Happy Anniversary! The images are so vibrant, so full of richness, as are you.

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