Circle of Fire

It’s coming!!! Circle of Fire book group based on “The Firestarter Sessions” book by Danielle LaPort begins in just over two weeks, September 27. I am so excited for this…..I can’t wait to meet with a group people excited about reaching for more.

“Your desires reflect what’s truest about you. If your current reality is nowhere close to the life you want, dreams are the fuel that will move you forward. 

No matter where you are in your life, whether you’re a soaring entrepreneur or an executive in a rut, a student revving up to save the planet or a stay-at-home mom with an identity crisis, an urban shaman wandering or a well established, you need to consciously cultivate your dreams. We need to tend to our desires with the same vigilance that we would give to the fire that cooks our food, warms our bones in the night, and keeps the wolves away. Of course, tending to your deep wishes is not a matter of bodily life or death. Without passion, you can still make the rent, be a good guy, and limp along for lifetimes – as many of us do. You’ll survive. But we’re not here to talk about surviving or justifying just getting by. This book is an inquiry into what makes you thrive.” Danielle LaPorte

See my “coaching and workshops” page for details….

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