What lights you up?

For me, this does, totally. It’s a piece of navy blue silk with some of my Swarovski Crystals. I love the rich color of the fabric contrasted with the crystals. I love the way they both feel in my hands and the way they look when put together.

I love supplies. All supplies. I even love office supplies, but I really, really love art supplies of all kinds. I love to look at them, touch them and imagine what I want to do with them.

I love to work with my hands. And, I love to make visually pleasing things. So, I’m creating my life and my business around that whole concept. It lights me up. So, that’s what I do. I don’t consider that I will fail, because I won’t. I’ll just keep tweaking until it all works the way I want it to. But, I know I’m on the right path for me.

Over the years I’ve tried many different things. I learned what felt right and what didn’t. For me, I just cannot succeed at something that doesn’t feel right or light me up. Not only that, I’ll probably get fired trying – and I have! (big grin here) I look back and it’s a wonder that I tried certain things at all. What was I thinking? Working in a legal office. Are you kidding me? A job that required me to be at my desk at precise times with precise break times. I cannot think of a more soul sucking situation for me. It made me want to drink at lunch. Teaching in the public school system? I entertained that thought for about 5 minutes until I came to my senses. I know better now. Those things weren’t “me”.

I know I did some things for all the wrong reasons; because I thought I was supposed to want to do those things, or because they were impressive (to who?) I’m shaking my head. But, it’s also part of the process of finding out what you love, where you shine, what lights you up. I know what lights me up, so I’m doing it. I’m sharing all of the things I love with others. Spreading the love, baby…. :  )

I was at dinner the other night with another couple. The woman was planning her wedding and totally lit up when she started talking about event planning. She said all of her friends tell her to pursue it. That when she plans events she always gets compliments. That her wedding is a piece of cake (I truly hate puns, sorry….) I encouraged her enthusiasm. If there is anything I love, it’s encouraging a budding entrepreneur. It’s in my blood, I cannot help it. I think everyone should work for themselves even though I know it’s so not for everybody. I have to stop myself from pushing everyone to put out a shingle.

So, I started to encourage her. Her partner started to do the opposite, pointing out all of the possible negative situations she might find herself in. I admit, it irritated me. It did. I don’t like it when someone squashes a person’s light. She was lit up. He tried to snuf it out. Why? I guess some people are just naysayers. I get that. You have to pick your cheerleaders wisely, that’s a whole other post I need to write. The thing is, no matter what work you choose to do in life, there will be times when it’s not so fun. There are aspects to everything that you will not like now and then. But, I just don’t dwell on them. If I’m doing what lights me up, the bad stuff doesn’t even register on my radar because I’m doing what I love. I’ll roll with it.

There is one more very important component to this. Our work must not only light us up, but it must have meaning for us and be used to be in service to others somehow. That completes the whole concept. It’s the secret to personal satisfaction and success, as far as I’m concerned.

One of my favorite books is, Live Your Bliss, by Terry Cole-Whittaker. It’s loaded with genius and gems. My copy is a mess of dog-earred pages and coffee stains. “Soul satisfaction is generated in the process of contribution, in helping others to be happy, healthy and prosperous.” So, there you have it, my philosophy in a nutshell. That’s what lights me up. Doing what I love, sharing those things and helping others find what lights them up too.

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