Taking the plunge…

I just wrote, and lost, a post. I need a better picture of this platter. I love it so much. It reminds me of the sea. It seemed to need a lemon. Sun, sea, summer……I love this color combination. This platter was bought to be used for a Mediterranean dinner I am planning with, “Sir G” (Sir Galahad) :  )

Six years ago someone I had met recently looked around my home and said, “You create beauty all around you.” That was about the nicest compliment I had ever heard. I loved that. When I thought about it, he was right I suppose. I had just never heard it put that way. Or, thought about it at all. My surroundings matter to me. Clutter stops me in my tracks. I hate overhead lights…but I’m getting off track.

I love visually beautiful things. And, I love all things that require me to work with my hands; anything. I love to garden, cook, paint, work with fabrics, play with wire and beads…I even learned to play the piano in my mid thirties and realized I should have been doing it all along.

When I think about things that way, it feels very primitive to me – like I’m not very highly evolved.  It’s okay, I’ve accepted that about myself. The more I embrace it, the happier I am and the better everything goes.

So, I’m putting this out there because I’ve decided to expand. Though I’ve been in business for over 2.5 years, I’m expanding what I do to include offering all the things I love. I’m not presenting myself as an expert, teaching experts. I’m someone who loves what she does and wants to share that with others. I have two classes coming up, “The Islands of the Meditteranean”, and “Beautiful Italy: Hand-made Pasta”. I have more; vision board workshops, hand-made books, etc……I’m working on all the details and will post them here very soon.

Today is a day of planning. But for now, I must go for a run….

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