Odds and Ends

This is a small cherry galette I made using the leftover crust and filling I had from a cherry pie. You can make something beautiful from scraps, just ask quilters. Speaking of which…..I’ll be offering a fabric art class soon. Textiles are another love of mine. I love the feel of fabrics. How did I get off track here?

Anyway, this is a galette, which is basically an informal pie. You roll out your crust, pile the filling in the middle and fold up the edges. There were a few things I did that weren’t “perfect”, but it turned out just fine. Before baking a pie, I beat an egg with some milk and brush it on the crust. Then I sprinkle granulated sugar on it. I ran out of sugar and was worried it wouldn’t taste as good. I forgot to add a little butter to the filling before I baked it. I accidentally threw out the wonderful juices that the macerated cherries created…..It doesn’t matter. Wing it. When it was hot out of the oven I put a few pieces of butter on the filling to melt in. Yum. I rubbed the stick of butter all over the outside of the crust then sprinkled on powdered sugar. Think, waffle with butter and powder sugar. Yum, yum, yum…..The lost juices turned out not to be a problem, because the cherries just created more as it baked.

Don’t worry about little mistakes. It’s fresh fruit and flaky crust, how can you go wrong? There is nothing you can do to a pie that some vanilla ice cream won’t remedy anyway. Enjoy!

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