Pies and Tarts and Fruits. Oh, my!


Look at this gorgeous thing on the left. It was so much fun to make. I’m obsessed with flaky pie crust lately, so I’ve been making a lot of pies and tarts. I’ve got my system down pat. It’s a little weird how much pride I take in it. I accept this about myself. I take pride in some pretty simple things. And, I am someone who loves to make a beautiful pie…..There is much to be said about creating beauty in everyday life.

Making something like this reminds me so much of painting and design. I chose fruit, not just based on what was in season and sweet, but on shape, color, texture. I thought about how the different fruits would look next to each other, how the colors would set each other off, how the different shapes could be used visually. The more I thought about it as an artistic creation, the more fun I had.

The whole process of doing something like this feeds my soul. What a beautiful day it can create. I went to the farmer’s market in the morning to see what was in season. I wandered around looking for beautiful fruit to inspire me; apricots, cherries, peaches, plums…..

I find that the things I am continuously drawn to, are activities where I am creating something with my hands, something beautiful, something to feed all of my senses. It’s my gift. My blessing. My joy.

I think it’s time to offer a pie class.

Details to come…….

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