Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today I sat in front of my favorite church and cried, “Where are you!” Then everything changed. One minute I was in my car with half eaten sandwiches, my boys, the dog and our suitcases wondering whether to head out of state or find a homeless shelter. The next thing I know, I was in a beautiful home with a plan for a business and the decision not to fail. It was almost that fast too.

I kept wanting to honor this day in a special way, take a moment of reflection and make sure I acknowledged the miracle that took place. But I had to get the boys up and off to school. I had been up late the night before cleaning, so I didn’t get up early enough for morning quiet time. My first appointment was at 8:00, so no time to sit or write. Then I thought, maybe this is the right way to honor this day, by going about the ordinary process of the life that was made possible when it all turned around, when God heard.

Today I worked. Then, I made flight plans for a Thanksgiving trip to my sister’s in South Carolina. I bought vases, an armload of flowers, made arrangements and wrote notes for the very special angels who swooped in to help me back then. I made popcorn for my son’s friends who are watching movies, talking, playing computer games. I played chauffeur for son #2. I took out the trash and did the dishes. I talked to a friend who told me he loved me – two friends did, in fact. Then a customer told me how treasured I was. I am writing as I sit in my bed, in my flannel pajamas and I don’t know what else to do but love my life and say “Thank you”. No gesture or words would be too grand, but the simplest things say it all. I am warm. I am fed. I am sheltered. I am loved.

“Where are you?” Right here…….

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