Go ahead, eat the olives…..

I love Kalamata Olives. When I went to take a picture of them for this article there were only four left, which perfectly illustrates the point of this article, which I will get to eventually.

Kalamata Olives are on the expensive side, so I savor them. I sprinkle them on my salad or use them as a garnish. I eat a few at a time. My son, on the other hand, eats them as a meal, not a snack. As soon as I walk in the door with them, he’s all over it. He could eat the whole jar if I let him. I’ve taken to putting them in obscure places in the fridge so he doesn’t see them right away. That’s him, the one with his fingers in the pickle jar. He eats those as a meal replacement too.

I try to tell him to eat something substantial if he’s hungry, then eat the pickles and olives as a side snack. It never works. He wants the olives, when he wants the olives. No impulse control, but he’s 14. It’s normal….

I’ve been playing around making jewelry lately. I love art supplies, all sorts of art supplies. I have beads, jewelry pliers, wire, canvases, oils, acrylics, watercolor, pastels, pencils, papers, fabrics, sewing machine, buttons, batting, silk, fleece, threads, yarn, ribbons….you name it, I have it……….

I walked in the studio the other day and this was laying on the table. My son had made it and left for me to find. I love it. He has such a wonderful creative eye, always has. After being touched and happy that my son had done something so sweet, the second thing I noticed was that he used some of my favorite beads that I had been saving. He used my new copper wire too. And…….I got irritated with myself for even thinking twice about it.

Why not use the good stuff? I thought of the olives and the pickles, the favorite canvases that he’s used, the favorite supplies that he’s hijacked and I thought to myself that he has the right idea. How long have I had those beads anyway? I’m guessing 5 years. So, if I hadn’t used them yet and they were so special to me, what was I waiting for?

We hear this idea all the time, “Don’t wait until retirement to go on that vacation..”, etc….And, we think it only applies to the big things in life. But, it also applies to the little ones – like the olives. I do think there is a lot to be said for treating some things as special, but there are daily opportunities to treat ourselves well, to enjoy some special things in life that are worth treating ourselves to because they make us feel so good.

Learning to treat myself well has made a huge difference in my life. For many years I put myself and my needs last, as if I didn’t matter. I rarely bought the olives, let alone eat them. But, it really does matter. When you treat yourself well and put your needs first it makes everyday life a little better and feels more abundant. So go ahead, eat the olives……

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