This is a picture of a center piece idea I have for a Bar Mitzvah I am helping to organize. I love the idea of having edible center pieces. All of the fruit is real and edible. I love that part for some reason. It started as a Renaissance themed, vegan, Bar Mitzvah. It has evolved into a Renaissance theme with Greek food with both meat and vegan choices, beverages from the boy making the Bar Mitzvah’s favorite science fiction book……and I’m not sure where it’s going to go from here, but that’s okay. It’s been fun just thinking about the crazy theme and coming up with a plan. I’m loving it.

This got me thinking of the idea of evolution in general and how my business has evolved in a short time from strictly residential cleaning to commercial, to rental flips and real estate properties, to catering, to cooking classes, to planning Bar Mitzvah’s, to giving talks to business groups, to planning workshops for women in transition…..all almost overnight. And, it feels perfect because that’s what evolution is – a natural process of change, growth or development. That about sums up what’s happening to my business. And it’s working because it happened almost on it’s own as a result of my natural talents.

I never set out to build a cleaning business to rival Molly Maids. It was never on my mind. I created a business out of necessity (I had no job and needed money fast) that suited my personality (I love solitude and meditative tasks), required no overhead and almost no start up costs (a bucket and some supplies is all I started with). I took the plunge because I had to. I didn’t have the luxury of planning everything perfectly and deciding what perfect business I wanted to create for myself. I just did it. The evolution happened because my business started moving in directions that I was naturally suited.

If you have an idea you want to do or try, don’t wait until everything is perfectly in place exactly how you want it. It doesn’t have to be perfect and neither do you. Maybe that works for some people. Maybe it’s really smart to plan like crazy. But, a big part of me thinks it’s more important to take some action, take a step in the direction you want to go and see what happens next. You don’t have to want to do what you start for the rest of your life. Give yourself permission to try something new and see where it leads. You never know where you might end up. And, it’s so much fun finding out.

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