Soul Food

This morning I decided to pick strawberries at Berry Patch Farms, an organic u-pick farm. I try to go every summer. It’s about a half an hour drive away from Denver and into farm country – far enough to feel like someplace else, close enough to go. I love every part of it; the drive, the peace, the wandering animals, riding to the fields in a tractor bed, and mostly, slowing down to pick my berries quietly and enjoy the experience. I love that it’s all organic and that the honey I buy is flavored by the type of flowers in the fields that the farmer lets the bees gather the nectar and pollen from. I think that’s an amazing bit of trivia…… The honey really does taste different from field to field. I brought home sunflower honey.

As I was driving to the farm at 7:30 am, I had some fleeting thoughts about the expense. I’m taking a “financial freedom” course and trying to be more mindful of where my money goes. I was thinking about how the berries themselves were going to cost more than at the store – everything there does really. The drive itself was going to add to the cost. And, you know what? I just didn’t care, not one bit. Today, it was more important to do something to feed my soul than to count my pennies.

This is, Panchetta, the baby pig. She/he, not sure…wanders around freely as do the chickens and other critters. Panchetta wags his (I’ll say “he” just because) tail like a dog when he’s happy. I didn’t know pigs did that. He made me so happy. I don’t have a main point about Panchetta, other than the fact that he exists and that’s enough and it kind of made my day that he was there.

The berries are picked over by noon on Saturday, so I had to get there by 8:00 am. I arrived, picked my berries, chatted a bit about the upcoming pie cherries, currants and other crops to come, bought some honey and I was home before noon with six quarts of sweet, beautiful berries and a full and satisfied soul. My teenage boys had just gotten out of bed. It hit me that I could have slept for a few more hours too, and really missed out on a special morning.

I’m passionate about quality of life. Though it didn’t start out that way, (I was in survival mode), it quickly became apparent that what I did/do in my work improved the quality of life of the people who hire me, whether it be to beautify their surroundings and making their home nice to return to, or helping create a celebration or lovely evening with friends so everyone, including the hosts, can enjoy themselves. I love it all so much! In the big scheme of things some people may not think it’s much, but to me it’s everything.

How I live my day to day life is important to me. Being able to create a business to pass that along is wonderful, it’s my favorite part about what I do. I love that my business has blended my natural abilities into a way to create the life I want for myself, while enhancing other’s lives too. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I just wanted to insert this photo. This is the woman who drove us to the fields. Isn’t she perfect? I love this photo. I bet she loves what she does too….That’s all I wanted to say about that….

Feeding your soul doesn’t have to cost anything, but it may. It also usually takes a little more effort, but that’s okay. I know what I offer in my business can be a luxury for others, but it is so worth it – for everybody. It’s not lost on me that what I do can be considered drudgery for some. That’s great, let me do it! The balance sheet of life isn’t just about dollars and cents, it’s about experiences that add to the abundance you feel in your soul and freeing yourself up for the things you love most.

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