It’s so much more than skiing……

This year my boys and I skied – a lot. We haven’t been able to ski together much for several years. After my divorce, then the economy, lay offs, etc… It didn’t make sense for us because of the expense. It bothered me a lot. Then, we lost everything and it was all about survival. Forget the skiing, we needed a roof over our heads!

I felt like I was born to ski from the first minute I had them on my feet. I was 28 years old, but it took only a week to conquer black diamonds. I was hooked.  To me it’s like flying. I cannot imagine having more joy in my heart then when I am flying down the mountain, arms out, free….My boys learned when they were two and four years old. It was so much fun watching their little bodies weave in and out of trees, seeking out the jumps, having fun. Then it stopped. I went by myself here and there, but my heart wasn’t in it if they couldn’t go. My boys convinced themselves they didn’t like it much anyway, a child’s way of making it okay. I hated that. It was one more thing that they had lost.

This year I got us all passes. It wasn’t just about the skiing, it was my signal to us that “everything was okay” again. It was something we loved that we had to give up when times got tough. It was important to me to bring it back before it was too late. I worried that I was missing a window with my boys that might not open again until they were grown and gone. They are both teens. Time is getting shorter. It’s one of the few things my two, very different, boys and I all love to do together.

My heart sings when I am on the mountain with them. I love every part of it. I love the drive, because for some reason the boys open up and talk in the car. I love the fact that we are all at a similar skill level at this time and can just go for it. I don’t have to ski last to pick up a little body that might fall, or make sure I don’t lose a little one. We can ski freely. We talk, joke and have great belly laughs. I cannot imagine loving my time more with them.

We all have that “thing” or activity that signals us that all is well, that we are fine, that brings joy into our lives. After all we had been through, and all we had lost, we were okay again. What is it for you? Do you hesitate to do it because it seems too extravagant? Too self indulgent? Too time consuming? I urge you to consider doing it anyway. Taking care of our souls is priceless.

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